CosmoSurf DG Line

The Comsossurf DG line is a series of Natuarally-dirived polyesters with unique capabiaties. CosmoSurf DDG-20 is a patented product that is derived from natural raw materials (coconut oil, glucose and acid). This material has the ability to leave a surface hydrophobic breathable film on the skin as well as hold actives on where applied.  These films are not only breathable they are also very flexible and have the ability to deposit on a wet or hydrophobic surface.  CosmoSurf DDG-20 can be used as natural replacements to plastic Acrylate Copolymers in SPF products.  This unique film former also has the ability to disperse un-coated pigments in a very uniform low viscosity stable dispersion.     


This line has been utilized to formulate very water resistant formutaions able to pass an 80min water emmersion test. The CosmoSurf DG line provides a very water resistant film that is also flexible.  This eliminates the plastic like feel of traditional film-formers.     













The dg series has also proven itself to have uncommon effects on pigments formulations.   

The CosmoSurf DG® Line is soluble in a variety of solvents. 





It also provides:


  • Increased Shine

  • More Cushion

  • Increased playtime 


The CosmoSurf DG series works great for pigmented products. These products disperse pigments more uniformly within oil phases. The pictures below show how the CosmoSurf DG line assembles pigments into a matrix. This highly organized matrix allows formulators to apply a very water resistant film with unparalleled coverage. along with providing more uniform coverage the CosmoSurf DG series allows  formulators to add more pigments into their formulation while remaining flowable. the table below show that with 5% ddg-20 you can raise your pigment load by ___%.  

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