Made with nature in mind

Citrate Polyesters Line

SurfaTech Corporation has developed a series of patented products that are derived from Citric Acid. They have been shown to provide outstanding skin aesthetics, great compatibilizers, rheology modifiers, and can provide great spread to cosmetic formulations.

Made with nature in mind

CosmoSurf DG's

This product line includes both “Natural” (derived from renewable recourses) and Silicone Co-Polymers. The focus of this product line to develop a light feeling, non-tacky film former that is capable of holding actives on the skin for long periods of time. The goal of these films is to be “invisible” to the consumer, meaning the aesthetic is so light that it appears that there is no film on the skin. This is accomplished by forming a flexible film that won’t crack or break like some brittle free radically based film formers.  The DG’s have the ability to leave behind a hydrophobic film.  This range of products have found use in SPF lotions and alcohol spray-products to provide Very Water Resistance products. 

The DG product also work with uncoated pigments to make dispersions.  The DG’s make a uniform dispersion that prevents agglomeration and allow you to increase the pigment load in products. 

Made with nature in mind


SurfaTech Corporation has developed a patented butter or synthetic wax. This butter is natural and overcomes some of the hardships of natural waxes. This butter, when added into an oil or ester, provides a shear induced flow that allows for an appealing sensation when applied to the skin.

Made with nature in mind

SurfaGel O

SurfaTech Corporation has developed a patented gellators that are from a natural source. SurfaGel®O is a rheology modifier and can be added to natural oils to produce translucent gels. They can also provide physical strength to esters and can be ideal for lipstick formulations. These products are derived from natural triglycerides.This class of products provides translucent gels in several different oils and esters.


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