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Educational Seminar

Possible Topics

  • General Suncare 

  • Skin Care 

  • Polymer Chemistry 

  • Silicone Chemistry 

  • Surfactant Chemistry 

  • Organic Chemistry 

  • And more...

Guest Speakers

  • Tom Meyer, PhD 

  • Thomas O’Lenick, PhD 

  • Tony O’Lenick  

  • And more… 

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SurfaConnect™ will be an interactive program that is designed to allow our key customers and global distribution partners to have access to live web based meetings focused on: technical, marketing, and education. The programs are designed to address the “time away from lab” and can be customized to our customer’s needs. 


SurfaConnect™ offers the customer the ability to have “on demand program” customized for your needs ranging from: product development, education, new project concepts, and project updates. 


SurfaConnect™  will allow customers to request, schedule and participate in programs designed to answer both basic questions and specific questions on topics of interest. This platform allows us to custom tailor the many presentations we have available to optimize the delivery of the information of interest to the individual customer. It will encourage collaboration and expedite the delivery of formulations.


Clean, green and responsible
without compromising

At SurfaTech Corporation, we are committed to creating microplastic free, coral reef safe, biodegradable ingredients using patented molecular technology. 

Our natural-based multifunctional ingredients enable innovation for global leaders, and facilitate new possibilities for personal care industry at large.

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