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Are you trying to increase the level of natural based ingredients in your color cosmetic formulations?

SurfaTech’s natural based, eco-friendly polymers provide multi- functional properties allowing formulators to reduce the dependency on traditional synthetic ingredients.




Now you can achieve pourable dispersions with exceptional film forming properties while offering a soft, silky feel in all your color cosmetic formulations. Our CosmoSurf® polymers can offer three properties from one natural based ingredient for formulations using treated and untreated pigments. Finally, you can claim, clean, green, and responsible without compromising your product performance.

Our Natural Polymer Platform

Our functionalized, natural based polymers are engineered to deliver multi-functional properties for any Personal Care and Cosmetic formulation. Whether it is film forming, dispersing, or oil thickening, in either emulsion or anhydrous systems, our product line will help you reduce the usage of traditional synthetic ingredients. Additionally, our platform will also allow formulations to meet the consumer demand for fewer ingredients in the products they use. In contrast to traditional synthetic ingredients, our natural based ingredients are green, and thus environmentally friendly allowing for a balance between nature and chemistry.



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Lawrenceville, GA 30043


TEL 770-876-6983

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