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About us

Established in 1997, Surfatech Corporation, had the objective of developing new technology designed specifically for the personal care market. Each polymer was designed to be multifunctional: These polymers provide: un-paralleled performance, sustainability, tailored ascetics, and tuned to your formulation needs. These polymers were developed to be functional on hair, skin, and other substrates found in personal care. They facilitate in the process of wetting, film formation, alteration of refractive index, emulsification, and surface tension reduction.

SurfaTech is a family owned and operated company based in Georgia. SurfaTech stands for “Surface Technology”. We concentrate on developing new technology with our customers to have unique materials that cannot be duplicated or label matched. SurfaTech has been awarded over 60 U.S. patents since it was founded in 1997.

Our Philosophy

It is our belief that it is our responsibility to protect the environment for future generations of polymer chemists.  We accomplish this by producing green materials. We feel the path to a greener tomorrow moves away from non-green plastics (polyacrylates, polyethylene, PEG, ect.) to polymers that are made from renewable resources without catalyst or solvents. 

We also understand that we want to synthesize polymers that have un-paralleled performance that sometimes cannot be achieved by natural polymers. To achieve this, we have developed a line of silicone copolymers. These copolymers have the same performance as their silicone counterparts, but with minimal amount of silicone reacted into the polymer backbone.    


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